Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend

We had a fun full weekend. We had a BBQ here on Saturday with the Andrew's. Ryan made hamburgers, hot dogs, and deer stake. I must say that the deer meat wasn't bad. This is the first time that I have tried deer meat and liked it. We set up a little pool for the kids and they had a blast with Violet and Ashton. Thanks for the pictures Brynn.

Sunday we had a BBQ at my parents house with everyone. We got my Dad some flip flops. This is his first pair and it was funny watching him walk in it. He will have to get used to that. We also took a picture with everyone that turned out pretty good for that many people. I can't get the picture to download but as soon as I do I will post it.

My nephew Mitch went to the MTC today. He will be serving a mission in Puerto Rico. Doesn't sound bad at all but we will miss him.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Boys And Mud

Samantha was watching McKenzie and Dylan for a few hours today when Dylan and his friend decided that it would be fun to turn my front yard into a mud pit and ride there bikes through it. I have a little garden in my front yard that I had recently pulled the bushes out and I haven't had a chance to replant anything yet. Well Dylan turned on the water and proceeded to get it as muddy as he could. He then started to ride his bike through it. Not only was that a complete mess but every time he rode his bike in it he would track it all over the lawn. When Ryan got home he was not to happy to see the mess. When I got home from the gym Ryan had already cleaned mud off the house, lawn, bikes, and Dylan. But don't worry Samantha was such a good babysitter that she took pictures of all the fun. I don't think Dylan will do this again but he is pretty happy that we have it on camera.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I finally got my new computer so I guess I have to keep my blog updated. Memorial weekend was a very busy few days. Ryan and Dylan went camping so I decided I would update a few things in our house. I bought carpet for all 4 bedrooms and had that put in on Saturday. After that was done Nancy and I went shopping for some new couches for our living room. After going to a few stores we found some at RC Willey. I wanted to get this all done before Ryan got home so I decided that I would pick up the couches. It was not easy getting them in the house but Nancy and I did it. Dylan also got a new bed for his birthday so we had to set that up also. By the time Ryan and Dylan got home everything was done and they were pretty surprised.

Dylan has found a new hiding place and loves it.