Monday, June 9, 2008

Boys And Mud

Samantha was watching McKenzie and Dylan for a few hours today when Dylan and his friend decided that it would be fun to turn my front yard into a mud pit and ride there bikes through it. I have a little garden in my front yard that I had recently pulled the bushes out and I haven't had a chance to replant anything yet. Well Dylan turned on the water and proceeded to get it as muddy as he could. He then started to ride his bike through it. Not only was that a complete mess but every time he rode his bike in it he would track it all over the lawn. When Ryan got home he was not to happy to see the mess. When I got home from the gym Ryan had already cleaned mud off the house, lawn, bikes, and Dylan. But don't worry Samantha was such a good babysitter that she took pictures of all the fun. I don't think Dylan will do this again but he is pretty happy that we have it on camera.


Brynn said...

That is awesome! I can't wait to have a boy of my own ;)

Cadie said...

Your kids are funny...they are just awesome, whatever they do - even if it's making a mud pit in the front yard. They are amazing!

Anonymous said...