Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I finally got my new computer so I guess I have to keep my blog updated. Memorial weekend was a very busy few days. Ryan and Dylan went camping so I decided I would update a few things in our house. I bought carpet for all 4 bedrooms and had that put in on Saturday. After that was done Nancy and I went shopping for some new couches for our living room. After going to a few stores we found some at RC Willey. I wanted to get this all done before Ryan got home so I decided that I would pick up the couches. It was not easy getting them in the house but Nancy and I did it. Dylan also got a new bed for his birthday so we had to set that up also. By the time Ryan and Dylan got home everything was done and they were pretty surprised.

Dylan has found a new hiding place and loves it.


Cadie said...

That looks awesome! I want to see pictures of your new couches though... Dylan is so stinking cute!

Albert Jensen said...

I guess I need to put pics of camp and send them to you now.