Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad

We had the annual Andrew Christmas party at our house on the 22nd. I had to work all day so I left all the preparations to Ryan and Cadie. Ryan made sure the house was ready and Cadie cooked all the food. I should work every time we have a party. All I had to do was show up. We had everyone show up. Ryan's Uncle Darrin and Aunt Melissa and their kids, Uncle Dean, Ross and Kerlyn, Brynn and Chad, and Cadie. Cadie made an awesome Mexican dinner. After dinner we played American Idol karaoke revolution on the Wii. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone and was glad that you all could make it.

Grandpa Ross and Trevor

Chad, Cadie, Ross, and Trevor

Darrin and Melissa


Darrin and Dean (Blue Steel and Magnum)

Dean, Ross, and Trevor

Myra, she loved dancing to the singing.

Brynn and Chad trying to sing.

You will have to check out Brynn and Chad's blog to see video of Ryan singing. I promised him I wouldn't post it but I never said that I wouldn't say where it is posted.

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