Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well this last weekend was very busy but a lot of fun. Ryan started it out by going duck hunting with a few friends on Thanksgiving morning. He was successful and got a few ducks but he knows better then to bring them home. He has a couple friends that don't mind taking them off his hands. I don't think that I could eat them. He says I should try but I can't bring myself to do it.

Later that day we went to my parents house for dinner. It's pretty crazy there when we get everyone together. There was 27 of us for dinner and most of those were kids. We had a good time cooking and setting everything up before. After dinner it was nice to sit down and laugh with my sisters. We can't get together without laughing so hard it brings us to tears.

The next morning we were going to go to the West Valley Christmas Parade with my family but about 5am I woke up with the worst headache of my life. So I called my sister Jodi to let her know that we weren't going to go and she told me she was in the same boat.

Later that day we decided to go to the Cheesecake factory for lunch. We went with Jodi, Mark, Jayne, and the kids. It was a pretty good place. I would have to recommend it. After I still wasn't feeling so hot so I went home and took a much needed 4 hour nap. That was the best. I didn't have any kids home to bug me. They were all off to friends or at Nana's house. After my nap I went with Nancy, Cadie, Nana, Papa, and the kids to see the movie Enchanted. I must say that I liked it. I wasn't sure that I would be it was good.

Saturday morning Ryan woke up early to go duck hunting again. He has a lot of fun doing that. I don't see the fun in sitting in the duck marsh and getting wet waiting for a duck to fly over so you can shoot the poor thing. How is that fun? But whatever floats his boat. That night we went to dinner with Brynn, Chad, Cadie, Kristen, and Kamron at Red Robin. After dinner Ryan and Chad went to the Tool concert and had a pretty good time.

Sunday we went to Payson for Myra's blessing. It was nice to see everyone again.

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