Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Marriage Castle

Last week Ryan worked on President Oaks house. On the last day that he was there Sister Oaks pulled him aside and asked if he was LDS. Ryan told her yes and then she asked if he had any kids. Ryan told her that he had 3. She then gave him 3 testimony gloves for the kids. They are white gloves with one picture on each finger of God the father, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, the Temple, and President Hinckley. Dylan was showing Nancy his glove. She asked him what each picture was. When he got to the picture of the Salt Lake Temple he told her it was a picture of the marriage castle. And then he continued to say to me "You know mom the one you got married in". Needless to say Nancy and I had a pretty good laugh. At least he knows what we do in there.

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Melissa said...

That is so neat about the gifts from Sister Oaks. Dylan made me laugh too! Leave it to a kid to call the temple a marriage castle! Awsome!