Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Tell Me

Last night could have been a scene straight out of a horror film or comedy, you pick. It started with me telling Dylan to please take his glass FULL of juice into the kitchen. Once he is in the kitchen I hear the glass hit the floor and shatter. First thing I say is "Damn not another one". I had just dropped a plate 30 min earlier and broke it. I look in the kitchen to see Dylan staring at his foot as a pool of blood gathers under it. I pick him up and set him on the counter as I apply pressure and yell for Ryan to come in and help. The kitchen is starting to look a little scary. Dylan is freaking out because he thinks he is bleeding to death. Ryan comes into the kitchen and doesn't know what is going on. I ask him to start cleaning up the broken glass as I continue to try to stop the bleeding. At this time Dylan tells me his stomach is starting to hurt and a few seconds later he is gaging. I am now trying to hold pressure to his open cut and grab a bowl out of the cupboard for Dylan to throw up in. If you know Ryan then you know that he doesn't handle blood or throwing up well. He turned his back to us and has his head in the corner gaging. He is trying not to throw up. McKenzie has ran off to grab Sam because who would want to miss this scene. I finally get Dylan calmed down and with that Ryan is now doing better. I now have a chance to get a good look at the damage. Dylan has 2 different cuts on 2 different toes. The top of his big toe has a long cut down the top and he has managed to slice the top of his middle toe. GREAT!!! Now I have to tell Dylan that he needs stitches. Once that word leaves my mouth he starts to worry again and we start all over again with the gaging. I finally get everyone calmed down and Dylan and I are off to Instacare.

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