Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday At The Range

I think I found a new hobby. We took Dylan shooting at Lee Kay with Grandpa Ross. We shot the new AR15 and Grandpa's 308 Varmint. I must say I was a pretty good shot. I shot a 3 shot group under a dime size with the varmint at a 100 yards.

Ryan and Dylan shooting the AR15



Maybe a little room for improvement


Amber said...

I freakin' LOVE shooting guns! I love shooting clay pigeons. Have you done that? I don't love the bruises on my shoulder, though. I'm a pretty good shot with a .22 when I shoot the targets. You know my family...never was around guns. But Tav's family has always had 'em. It's so fun! I want my own.

Noni Andrew said...

My dad took my brother Jerry and I out in the woods to practice shooting. We had 22's . I was fun. Looks like you had a good time. Love you